July 2018: It’s a Wild World


I am from a small town in western Massachusetts along the Connecticut River in the Pioneer Valley.  We were a small farming community that did not offer structured activities, needless to say there was not a lot going on.  What our town did have to offer was endless outdoors, vast tract of wilderness with rivers and streams filled with native trout.  I spent every second I could in the woods exploring.  When school was out for the year, we were all sent to the fields to pick crops for local farmers, a job that framed my love for the outdoors and especially agriculture.  This is a big reason why I chose to work in the green industry.  My days now are not that different from when I was a young man.  The crop I grow now is not vegetables, it is turf.  The woods are not as vast nor the wild life as plentiful, but it is still there and I do not take it for granted.  The view from my office is always the same, a gorgeous property filled with mature trees, native grasses and oh yes, a golf course.  At Nehoiden we are lucky to be surrounded by woods that are home to various woodland creatures.  We are on constant alert and are lucky enough to coexist with the animals.  I would like to share with you some moments I have captured around our beloved Nehoiden. To view my album click here: It’s A Wild World.