August 2018: Sticky Summer

Over the past three months approximately 10.46 inches of rain has fallen onto Nehoiden Golf Club.  Generally we welcome the rain as it hydrates the soil, flushes out sodium, bicarbonates and replenishes all the Lakes, rivers and streams, but when you combine heavy constant rain fall with an average temperature of 90 degrees and dew points ranging from 70-100 it can make things extra challenging.  

To preserve the health of Nehoiden we will be starting a renovation plan that will ensure healthy playable conditions for time to come. In the next few week we fill be planting 700 pounds of grass seed in the fairways, we have carefully selected seed varieties that we feel will be sustainable on our property.   In conjunction with overseeding we will be starting our aeration campaign to all areas of the golf course. I understand that Aeration can be a bit intrusive to a golfer but I ensure you it is necessary. Our hope is to be invisible during this process, but at some point we are all going to have to co-exist. I thank you in advance for your understanding.  To learn more please read an article from the Golf Course Superintendents of America (GCSAA) that further explains the process and philosophy behind aeration.

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