Spine Angle When Chipping

I’m a big “spine angle” person. To me, there are a handful of big concepts that drive success in golf and spine angle is one of the most important.  Put simply, when the object you’re swinging through (not at, through) is only one inch in diameter, best not to have any “jack in the box” action in your motion. 

As it pertains to chipping, the concept is more subtle.  Even the most basic chipping instruction emphasizes the need to keep your weight on your front foot — from address, through impact and into the finish position.  Often, as newer golfers try to execute this concept, they jut the front hip toward the target, thus accentuating the spine angle away from the target. Taken to the extreme, this exposes the front edge of the club to the equator of the ball and can result in the dreaded skull.  If anything, as you set your weight on your front foot, try and tilt TOWARD the target, steepening the angle of attack, de-lofting the club a smidge and putting more backspin on the ball. 

As you organize your practice time, keep in mind that good chipping translates into good ball striking.  Chip chip chip to improve your entire skill set.