The sun is getting closer, the days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer and it is finally here.  We joke that there are only two seasons in New England, golf season and not golf season.  The last 4 weeks has been crazy for the Nehoiden greens department. On March 3rd, Mother Nature dropped a foot of snow mixed with furious winds that took down trees and thousands of branches, standing water turned to solid ice and the temperatures kept dropping, the wind stayed steady and repeatedly littered the course with branches and debris.  I was starting to think that spring was never going to happen. 

The temperatures have not been exactly optimal for growing grass but, the steady weather pattern the past week has allowed us to get a lot of work done around the course.  This season you will see that the greens, tees and approaches have all been aerated, seeded, amended and top dressed.  It is always good to get this process done as early as possible and it eliminates the need to aerate at the end of May when the greens are just starting to get really nice.   A huge thank you goes out to Tim Kaija our Assistant Superintendent, his efforts in the cleanup and aeration process was critical, he was relentless and was not satisfied until every hole was filled with sand and every stick was picked up.

On Tuesday April 16 we start work on the final phase of the irrigation system; the scope of work will encompass holes 8, 9 and 1.  This is going to be the biggest phase of the job and I estimate this work should take about three weeks.  Thank you again for your understanding and support, I promise this will be the last time we do a job this invasive.  To make this project a success we will need your help, please be vigilant of workers and try to avoid hitting into them when possible.  We will be moving markers and working accordingly but it is inevitable that you will be in contact with the workers.  The faster they can work the faster we will be done.  When the project is completed we will have installed 59,760 feet of pipe, 24,440 feet of wire, 151 valves and 678 heads.  Irrigation is one of the most important things on a golf course but is ironic that something so important is buried in the ground where people can’t see.  I am very excited to have the system done.  I can now run the pump and central control to its’ full potential.  This system will save water and improve the uniformity of the golf course which will directly improve the member experience.