You, too, can learn to draw the ball

Most golfers crave distance.  A draw produces maximum-distance ball flight.  Yet most golfers cut/slice. What the heck? Anyone can learn to hit a draw, with some practice.  To begin with, it’s important to understand what produces a draw.  Let’s assume that a right-handed player wants to start the ball right of the target, then have … Continue reading You, too, can learn to draw the ball

“Play Through” Etiquette

It’s the dog days of summer and with the heat and humidity come issues with pace of play.  Everyone moves slower this time of year, and the pace on the golf course is no exception to that reality.  Pace of play conversations can be as tricky as conversations about politics – just as heated and … Continue reading “Play Through” Etiquette

August 2018: Sticky Summer

Over the past three months approximately 10.46 inches of rain has fallen onto Nehoiden Golf Club.  Generally we welcome the rain as it hydrates the soil, flushes out sodium, bicarbonates and replenishes all the Lakes, rivers and streams, but when you combine heavy constant rain fall with an average temperature of 90 degrees and dew … Continue reading August 2018: Sticky Summer