Crazy Times

The last two months have been interesting to say the least. We were optimistic in March that we were going to have one of the best openings ever. The weather had been fantastic for working outside and we were way ahead of the game. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has forced us to modify our strategy to a … Continue reading Crazy Times

September 2019

It is hard to believe that the summer is gone and the fall is already upon us, it is truly amazing how fast time flies when you are having fun. To some people the work of a greenskeeper looks like it is anything but fun, but to us the satisfaction of a job well done … Continue reading September 2019

August 2018: Sticky Summer

Over the past three months approximately 10.46 inches of rain has fallen onto Nehoiden Golf Club.  Generally we welcome the rain as it hydrates the soil, flushes out sodium, bicarbonates and replenishes all the Lakes, rivers and streams, but when you combine heavy constant rain fall with an average temperature of 90 degrees and dew … Continue reading August 2018: Sticky Summer